Effective PR strategy

Take control of your industrial company’s image

To enhance your company’s image, you need to create high-impact press releases. Take the time to identify the communication channels best suited to your industry.

Automotive industry

Aerospace industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Textile industry

PCB precision

From design to delivery

PCBs must be properly packaged and handled to avoid damage that could compromise their operation. Icape-group.com is a world leader in the manufacture of custom printed circuit boards and technical parts. The company offers specialist solutions that combine precision and reliability. Their product range includes all PCB technologies as well as various custom-made technical components.

To ensure that the final product meets the component specifications, the designer must be meticulous and rigorous in his work.

Research and development (R&D) strategies

R&D strategies involve exploring new products, technologies and ideas, as well as improving existing offerings. To be effective, an R&D strategy must be aligned with the company’s business objectives and supported by sufficient investment. It requires a highly skilled and diverse team capable of thinking creatively and critically.

PR actions

Innovative industrial communication

PR actions aim to promote a company and strengthen its reputation with a variety of audiences, including customers, employees, investors and the media. This can take many forms, from media events to social media and lobbying.

Press releases

Press releases are used to announce major events, new products, partnerships and technological advances. They play a crucial role in industrial communication.

Trade events

Whether they are trade fairs, conferences or networking evenings, professional events help to forge lasting links with customers, prospects and partners.

Sponsorships and partnerships

Partnerships with professional organisations and industry associations can raise your company’s profile. They enable you to position yourself as a leader.

Innovation culture

Industrial property and patents

A culture of innovation is essential to protect inventions and promote industrial property. Obtaining a patent is a complex and costly process that requires legal and technical expertise. This process must be aligned with the company’s commercial objectives. It must be supported by a culture of innovation that encourages creativity, collaboration and learning.

Patents offer legal protection against copying and exploitation by other companies. They are an important source of value and competitiveness.

Production processes

Intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Increased automation and predictive maintenance

Explore trends and issues to stay competitive

Industrial PR boosts your performance